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External Debt up by $ 4 billion

India’s external debt as at 31/3/99 was USD 98.2.It has increased by USD 4 billion as at 31/3/99 over the immediate past period of one year. India’s external debt as at 31/3/98 stood at USD 94.4 billion.This was mainly due to the fresh arrivals on account of RIB bonds amounting to USD 4.2 billions around last Aug. 1998 and also due to increased inflow of deposits into FCNR deposits.This is to be noted that this figure of foreign debts is almost equivalent to the amount outstanding at the end of F.Y. 1995.

Figures of External Debts

31/3/96 USD 92.6
31/3/97 USD 92.2
31/3/98 USD 94.4
31/3/99 USD 98.2

Following are other major comparisons over last Financial year:

1997-98 1998-99
Debt stock /GAP 23.8 23.7
Share of concessional debt in the Debt stock 39.2% 37.9%
Long Term Debts 89.3 bls 93.9bls
Short Term Debts 5.1 bls 4.3bls